Next to international scientific articles and more practical articles the program also will result in specific interventions, a handbook for sport coaches and will become visible in presentations, workshops and new alliances. Here follows first a short list with preliminary results. After that a few relevant publications are listed.


  • In the journal LO (9) of the KVLO an article by Elise Casteren is posted. This article is the first in a series of three on implicit and explicit teaching methods in physical education. In this first article, the development of a practically useful classification of implicit and explicit learning methods is described. Download the article in PDF.
  • Report: Sport Size for Children with Motor Restriction – Impliciet- and Explicit Learning in Physical Education and Sport. A pdf of the report can be downloaded here.
  • Vision Document ‘Valorization needs to be organized! Towards greater value of knowledge in the social sciences. The PDF document can be downloaded here and a printed version is available for free by contacting Bert Steenbergen (
  • Int. published scientific article: The influence of errors constantly practice on motor learning in young Individuals with Cerebral Palsy. From Abswoude, F. Santos Vieira, B., van der Kamp, J. Steenbergen, B. Download the abstract.
  • Workshop with physical education teachers in Rotterdam on motor learning in physical education
  • Three interactive meetings with our partner organizations about the Research, Communication & knowledge transfer and Product development
  • Article in the magazine ‘Lichamelijke Opvoeding’ for physcial education teachers on how to stimulate learning processes of children with a motor disorder in physical education lessons.
  • Measurements with 74 children from the Duth elementary school ‘pc Prinses Marijkeschool’ in Nijverdal. (Work Package 1)
  • Measurements with approximately 60 children with CP (of which 25 followed to their local sport club), 15 physical education teachers and 10 sport coaches. In total approximately 10 different schools and 10 different sport clubs spread through the Netherlands participated in the research.  (Work Package 2)
  • Presentation at international congress EACD (Vienna) by Femke van Abswoude: Reducing errors during practice can enhance motor skill learning in young individuals with cerebral palsy (2014)
  • Presentation at international congress EASS (Utrecht) by Elise van Casteren: Implicit and Explicit Learning in CP (2014)
  • Survey sport started with NVFK: short questionnaires for pediatric physical therapists and children with DCD
  • First digital newsletter
  • Agreement collaboration with University Utrecht
  • Handbook for students with measurement instruments and instructions
  • 2 workshops with 23 students as research-assistents
  • Abstract submitted for congress EACD
  • First agreement with child physiotherapists to conduct an inventarisation
  • Approved research protocol Ethical Committee Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Agreements with five applied university’s for collaboration
  • Submitted article: The influence of errors during practice on motor learning in young individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Van Abswoude, F., Santos-Vieira, B., van der Kamp, J. & Steenbergen, B.
  • Kickoff meeting (12th December 2013)
  • Website online
  • Investigation among the partner organizations
  • Presentation at symposium CASA Reade
  • Start meeting with the partner organizations (26th September 2013)

Relevant publications:

  • Bjornson, K.F., Zhou, C., Stevenson, R. & Christakis, D.A. (2013). Capacity to participation in Cerebral Palsy, an indirect path via performance. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; 94, 2365-2372
  • Casteren, van. E.A.M. (2015). Sport op Maat voor Kinderen met een Motorische Beperking: Impliciet- en Expliciet Leren in het Bewegingsonderwijs en in de Sport. Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. [pdf, 1 MB]
  • Casteren, van. E.A.M. (2015). Heeft impliciet leren een plek in de gymles? Deel 1: Een classificatie van impliciete en expliciete leermethoden. KVLO. LO
  • Van Abswoude, F., Santos-Vieira, B., van der Kamp, J. & Steenbergen, B. (2015). The influence of errors during practice on motor learning in young individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 45-46, 353-364 [Abstract, 12 KB]
  • Steenbergen, B., van der Kamp, J., Verneau, M., Jongbloed-Pereboom, M., & Masters, R.S.W. (2010). Implicit and explicit learning: Applications from basic research to sports for individuals with impaired movement dynamics. Disability and Rehabilitation, 32, 1509-1516 [abstract, 290 KB]
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  • Verschuren, O., Wiart, L., Hermans, D., & Ketelaar, M. (2012). Identification of facilitators and barriers to physical activity in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy. Journal of Pediatrics

Click here for a short abstract of Participation in sports (december 2013)