Work Package 2

Optimizing the context for sport participation with CP and DCD: improving the expertise of the trainer/coach and physical education teacher

This line of research is aimed at examining the expertise and competency of professionals on training and coaching of children with CP and DCD in the context of sport and physical activity. This with the aim to improve the competency of sport coaches and physical activity teachers, and optimization of the context for sport participation amongst children with CP and DCD. Studied are, to what extent and in which way implicit- and explicit learning strategies are being used by sport coaches and physical activity teachers, and which experiences both professionals and children have during the use of both strategies. Besides that, the interaction between the sport professional and the child will be investigated, which also includes the behavior of both. The focus will be on unraveling the meaning that both professionals and children give to the way the sport trainer/ PA-teacher interacts with the children. Furthermore, it will be questioned how the knowledge about implicit and explicit learning methods, and its use in practice, can be influenced.

The insights gained in WP2 will be combined with the results from WP1 on the effectiveness of implicit and explicit learning methods related to the personal characteristics of the children with CP and DCD. Valorization of the knowledge and communication with the work field will take place from the Valorization and Development Lab.

This Work Package will be executed by Sandra van Cappellen. For more specific information on this part of the project you can contact her by e-mail: