Valorization and Development Lab (VOL)

Optimizing participation of children with CP and DCD in sport: valorizing, developing and implementing

From the start of the project the VOL will be the bridge between science and practice. Valorization, which is a form of adding value to knowledge, will consist in this project of continuous alignment between researchers and experts in the field. In order to perform valuable research it is of importance that the experts advise the researchers about the focus of the Work Packages. The VOL is also involved in spreading the insights gained in WP1&2 and the use of it by professionals and volunteers who work with children with CP and DCD within the sport and exercise context. This will be reflected in the joint contributions to a manual, training and/or policy guidelines and the implementation of these. The VOL will initiate frequent communication opportunities by means of conference talks, presentations, publications and workshops. Also, contact will be sought (and is already existing) with persons at key positions within sport associations to insure implementation of the knowledge on policy and strategic levels.

The proceedings of the VOL are coordinated by Eralt Boers. For more specific information on this part of the project you can contact him by e-mail: