Participation in sports is being executed by a large group of cooperating organisations who bring a diversity of perspectives (sport-education-rehabilitation/ research-practice-policy). The 23 organisations mentioned below have formally confirmed their support towards this project before the official start and this network has expanded in the meantime. NWO (the Dutch organisation for scientific research) has provided a grant for this project included in a large sport oriented research call. The application has been submitted by the Radboud University Nijmegen in collaboration with the Free University Amsterdam. The cooperation between the academic researchers and the partners in the field is crucial for the development of the intended handbook, courses, and/or guidelines for policies. For example, the knowledge of trainers and coaches who are involved with children with CP or DCD in a sport of physical activity setting should be enhanced. For a clearer illustration on how this cooperation is given shape, see ‘project background’.




The formal partners: