New colleague: Sandra van Cappellen

From mid-November 2015, Sandra van Cappellen is replacing Elise Casteren. She introduces herself:

My name is Sandra van Cappellen, 29, ‘sports enthusiast’, creative and a new mother. I am really enthousiastic that I can continue the research project Elise van Casteren has started. At the Free University in Amsterdam I graduated as a human movement scientist and psychomotor therapist. Following my studies I worked as a movement therapist at the Dutch Obesity Clinic. Here I missed unraveling theories and performing research, so I decided to to start with the research master behavioral science at Radboud University Nijmegen. Last summer I finished this master. My thesis research was also part of the Participation in sports! project. I performed a study investigating what kind of feedback is most beneficial for children with DCD while learning a new sport task. I look forward to make a further contribution to the research project Participating in Sports! and to meet you.